Plan & Progress Reviews

Everybody wants to know where they stand.
     —Field Director Marvin Campbell

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Seasons of a Woman's Life

It is said that the only constant in life is change. In a woman’s life, change has predictable seasons, which are generally more defined than those of men and create major life transitions. Marilyn Coffield talks about the seasons of a woman’s life, and how to successfully navigate their challenges.

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Servant Leadership

Three videos with discussion questions on Servant Leadership: Ray Hoo on A Leader's Focus and Service and A Leader's Identity and Reliance on the Holy Spirit and Mutua Mahiaini on A Name or a Voice

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Assessing Character Needs

Darrell Sanders looks at the signs of stress a staff supervisor should look for when visiting staff (concerning the possibility of a character need in the life of the staff).  Read More →

Find a Senior Staff Member Near You

Experienced, willing, and available Navigator senior staff are offering their skills and experience to help you in many areas of life and ministry!  Check out the map to search by location or search by skill set.   Read More →